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About Outside Cleaning Services – Your local EXPERT!
Having worked in the building industry for over 30 years, I decided to change from working for other people and companies with whom I had become disillusioned.

I started out as a hod carrier/ labourer in my early days and then progressed to bricklaying and roofing. After a short period as a glass cutter, I then became a lightning protection engineer/steeplejack – and remained in that industry for 21 years.

Hours and hours of research later I decided that I could provide a niche service for cleaning and maintenance; of not only private houses but also places of business.

Being fully qualified to work at any height – I offer access to places more difficult to clean and maintain, without costing the small fortunes the bigger companies are charging – offering a more personal, friendly and flexible service.

Most of my work is from recommendations which are the only way to succeed. We make sure the customer is 100% happy with the standard of cleanout work given, and providing that level of customer satisfaction is something that I always have and still do pride myself on!

Alan came today to clear the gutters and clean the UPVC frames and doors. They are quite old so I wasn’t sure how much could be done with them.

They are now gleaming, I am delighted! I would recommend him without hesitation.

Sue, Outside Cleaning Services Customer

I highly recommend them: excellent work standards & customer service.

Fantastic service!

Edward Hayden, Outside Cleaning Services Customer


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